2 thoughts on “Report a Problem

  1. Sara talbot says:

    Cllr. Knox,
    Unfortunately I have had, yet again, contact RVBC about the dog faeces on Woone Lane . It is becoming an increasingly disgusting problem and I am sick of clearing it up from outside my house and is a health hazard.
    Yesterday I spoke to the dog warden who has an enormous task for 1 person and is seeking to enlist householder’s vigilance in tackling the problem .
    I’m wondering if,in your role of councillor, you could engender a community spirit in Woone Lane to keep our street clean ?
    Many thanks
    Sara Talbot

  2. Gary Beattie says:

    Hi Alan,I am contacting you in the hope you can raise a issue that bothers me almost daily,as you go down Woone Lane as you turn at the Lodematic corner,have you noticed how dangerous it has become to turn,as since the Crossfit gym customers are parking the cars right up to the bend,and the corner becomes only a single lane,it is incredibly dangerous as you will know you can only see round and see if another car is coming once you have turned,someone is going to get hurt soon,double yellow lines are needed,up to 30 ft up the road,to stop this traffic madness,go and take a look around 5.30pm,its crazy,please raise this problem with the council,thanks Gary

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