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11 thoughts on “Get involved

  1. […] Is there anything else that is important about a new consultation? You can respond to my questions by going here and just putting the appropriate number against your comment […]

    • David Watson says:


    • Carol Riley says:

      1 – No, 2 – Yes, 3 – Essential, 4 – Yes, 5 – Yes, 6 – Scheme that everyone likes,
      7 – No hotel necessary. We must keep the traditional feeling of the market, consequently no Market Hall. (The new market hall in Lancaster is now a Primark store!).

    • Peter Robinson says:

      1 No. 2 Beneficial,probably. Essential Probably not. 3 Essential. 4 Yes. 5 Probably too costly. 6 All about the scheme itself. Impossible for all to agree but majority, I am sure, will convey the feelings of most many of which have been expressed in the A. and Times.
      7 Many consultation results are ignored. I hope the R V B C will listen and not take the view expressed on television a little while ago when a local Kendal Councillor remarked that, yes they listen but at the end of the day “we know best”
      Also, a relation of mine who works in this field stated, when I related to him the issues surrounding the round about on Pendle Road, “This indicates a very weak council.”

    • Sue Driver says:

      1. NO
      2. YES
      3. ESSENTIAL
      4. YES
      5. YES

    • lesley taylor says:

      1 no would like to see some improvement of market site but not the one that is being proposed

      2 yes but obviously whoever it is needs to have the support of the other traders, I think there should also be representation from the other traders in town as this development will affect the whole town not just the market

      3 there should be a choice of several broad options but not too many otherwise it gets messy

      4 I would have thought that anybody involved in the decision making should already have visited the site and sought the views of those working there

      5 the council should certainly inform all households of options being discussed and invite feedback. I suspect that a large proportion of residents are unaware of the scale of changes being proposed, if they don’t use the market then they may think they will not be affected by any changes this isn’t just about the market it’s about the future of the town and the changes being proposed will alter the nature of the town irrevocably. I only became aware of the changes being proposed when I saw a petition in one of the local shops. I think there should be several well publicised public meetings so that residents can be properly informed and have their say.

      6 there is little point in accepting a scheme just because it is offering the biggest investment if it isn’t going to benefit the town. Developers are not investing as a charitable act they will expect a healthy financial return on their investment. In Nelson several longstanding businesses ceased trading when out of town landlords increased rents to something comparable with central Manchester. There is little point in building a shopping development that remains empty because there is no demand for those units. The council should beware of being seduced by the possibility of increased income from rates levied on businesses, empty properties don’t pay rates and charity shops pay much reduced ones. The council has a responsibility to maintain quality of life in the town and to increase income generated in the town by encouraging those things which encourage visitors to visit and spend money eg independent shops, producers of local foods and products. Borough market in London which is phenomenally successful sells a huge amount of products which originate in Lancashire. Why does the council go to the expense of running a food festival but then not capitalise on the interest generated in all the products on show?

  2. Pam Kent says:

    I agree that money needs spending on the market, one place is behind the police station where the road and pavement are dangerous, but, what we don’t need,or want is another ugly so called ‘modern’ build . also some money does need spending to bring the ‘open stalls’ in keeping with the cabins. the town does not need a so called modern building to house the market as this will ‘kill’ it stone dead. we will lose traders who love the local friendly feel that is experienced as you walk through, I love to have banter with the stall holders that I have known for years . James Warburton was at first refused permission for his wonderful renovation of the Mill on the grounds of lack of parking, they are not thinking about the loss of parking in the build of this awful plan. we don’t need another hotel that would potentially put the small B and B’s at risk . I could go on , what I do know is that I have not spoken to one person that is wanting the plans submitted by Barnfield construction, who incidentally have no links to the town so care not about what we, the people want, or don’t want…

  3. Yvonne Adey says:

    The idea of a hotel is completely ridiculous. We have more than enough excellent hotels and B&Bs in the area. We need more parking not less.
    Not sure about the negativity re a possible Market Hall as something needs to be done about all the empty open stalls in bad weather. (Of which we have plenty here in Clitheroe) The Cabin owners are obliged to be there in all weathers, to comply with their leases but I don’t think that applies to the open stalls. Hence the derilict appearance on wet days.

  4. Beverley Jones says:

    1 – Haven’t heard of any
    2 – Yes
    3 – Preferable
    4 – A display stand within the market area outlining the options would surely attract responses from those most affected .
    5 – I suspect this would not be cost-effective & may even be counter-productive.
    6 – Getting a scheme that most people like (you’ll never get everyone!)
    7 – Any additional retail provision should be in response to proven need; a hotel doesn’t seem to fit this criterion.
    8 – Parking provision must not be reduced.

  5. David Moran says:

    Yes, the Market area needs a re-vamp, but enclosing it in a modern building is NOT the answer. Once enclosed, it stops being a market and becomes an arcade which will be almost empty for 10 months of the year and over crowded at Christmas time. Market traders should have an input in how the market should look and function and the facilities for themselves and the public. Without the traders there is no market. Likewise, a successful market brings people to the town which is beneficial to the local shops, therefore I agree that further building and development , resulting in less car parking spaces, would have a detrimental effect on the Town.

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