Need a Postal Vote?

Over the last decade, one alarming trend is the increasing number of people who choose not to vote. After every election, I always find people who wanted to vote but didn’t – often because something cropped up unexpectedly on polling day.

Last time some were on holiday, or were called away at the last minute because of work or family emergencies. Others find it tricky getting to the polling station. Awful weather can always strike, especially in the “British summer”.

With two elections due next year plus the potential for a General Election, your vote could decide who will represent you on the County Council, at Westminster and in Brussels.

As in past elections the election in Clitheroe will be another straight fight between the Liberal Democrats and Tories.

If you would like to make sure you don’t miss your vote, then click here to download a postal vote form for you or anyone else you know to use. When you have filled in the forms, please return it the Liberal democrats as soon as possible.

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