Woone Lane – More Good News

Following on the news that traffic calming measures are going to be provided on Henthorn Road, comes more good news that the Woone Lane one-way system is about to be implemented, in the early spring.

Cllr Allan Knox reports: “Alongside the information about Henthorn Road, came the news that the scheme for Woone Lane would be implemented at the same time. Continue reading

Autumn Statement: Health and Social Care Cuts Continue

Nurse in aged care for the elderlyPublic health and social care are two of the most pressing issues facing our country today. Both are in need of new thinking and new funding if we are to maintain vital services helping our friends, families and neighbours every single day.

Public health responsibilities include preventive measures that routinely save thousands of lives and billions of pounds in health spending – from stopping smoking to nutritional information and physical exercise. Local government has taken responsibility for ‘public health and wellbeing’ in recent years, and is now facing a drastic reduction in its ability to fund these services. Continue reading

Woone Lane – One Way – at last?

Since about 2006 I have been calling for the top section of Woone Lane (from Eshton Terrace to the Brown Cow) to be made one way.

Back in 2009 we launched a petition on this website.

And the online petition site is still going strong with people still signing it.

Over the years friends and residents have continually said: “Allan, when are they going to make Woone Lane, one way?”

For my part, whenever I have had the chance, I have brought this issue up with the various powers that be (and have been – it has taken that long) and probably got a bit of a reputation for being obsessed about the issue.

Responses from Lancashire Highways have varied over time. Continue reading