Roundabout gets Go-Ahead!!

On Wednesday 26 Oct, I presented the petition, to the Managing Director of Taylor Wimpey Manchester, calling on them to provide a roundabout at the A59 / Pendle Road junction, sooner rather than later and it appears it is going to happen!
Earlier this summer, hundreds of people just like you, who believed like I do, that we need a roundabout, signed the petition to have the roundabout built now, not after 50 houses have been built on the Standen estate. Continue reading

Council agrees new market consultation

Cllr Allan Knox has welcomed the decision by the Ribble Valley’s Policy & Finance committee to carry out a new consultation about Clitheroe Market.

Cllr Allan Knox seconded the motion to restart the consultation process and that representatives from the market traders be part of the market working group process.

Cllr Allan Knox said: “Clitheroe market has being going for 800 years. Ribble Valley Borough Council has been its custodian for just 42 years. Continue reading

Market Regeneration – I want your views

On Tuesday, Ribble Valley Borough Council will make a big decision about the future of the market.

Its options are to press ahead with the much derided current plan; or do what I (and many others would wish) start a new round of consultation. This should give a variety of options and involve all of Clitheroe, the market traders, market users and other stakeholders such as the civic society, chamber of trade etc. Continue reading

Market Consultation Campaign Success

Cllr Allan Knox & Vllr Mary Robinson discussing market plansCllr Allan Knox and Clitheroe’s Lib Dem team have welcomed a decision by Ribble Valley Borough Council to put a brake on the current market proposal and to launch a proper consultation before any plans are submitted.

Allan had previously called for an extraordinary council meeting where he would have been demanding that a stop be put on the current process and that the council consult widely, deeply and in a meaningful manner with residents, market users and traders about what they wish to see on the market site, before any plans were drawn up. Continue reading

Call for Extraordinary Council Meeting to Look Again at Market Consultation

Final_View_OverallRibble Valley’s Opposition councillors have united in calling for an Extraordinary Council meeting about the Clitheroe Market Development.

Their request for the extraordinary meeting calls for a brake to be put on the current redevelopment proposals and for there to be a wide, deep and meaningful consultation process before any new plans are drawn up. Continue reading

Success for battle against blight of plastic bags

Plastic-bags-for-websiteCllr Allan Knox has welcomed the news that plastic bag use has plummeted in England since the introduction of a 5p charge last year, under the previous coalition government.

Plastic carrier bags cause some of the worst litter problems. They blow around the street and get caught in trees and bushes, making a horrible mess. Because we are given so many, they are a large part of the waste we thrown out, costing local council taxpayers a large sum of money to dispose of our waste. Continue reading