Underage drinking

The issue of youngsters found in possession of alcohol in different areas of Clitheroe is still a concern for the police, particularly with the festive season upon us.

They have informed Councillor Allan Knox that that they will continue to confiscate the alcohol, but they need as much information as possible about where the youths are getting alcohol from.

Any information received is checked and if an adult has supplied it or a shop has allowed it to be purchased by youths they will issue Penalty Notices to anyone found to have committed an offence. Read the rest of this entry.

Allan Knox Wants a Fair Deal for Older people

£3.40 a week doesn’t go very far right now. But that’s the rise millions of older people received this year in their basic pension.
£3.40 a week to cover gas and electric prices that have gone up by as much as 40%. £3.40 a week to cover the soaring cost of basic foods like bread, eggs and cheese (up by a quarter or more). £3.40 a week to pay rising council tax bills.
No wonder pensioners are feeling the pinch! Read the rest of this entry.