Primrose Lodge

Over the past few weeks, when talking to local residents, one question keeps coming up from  the people in the Whalley Road and Woone Lane areas: “what is happening to Primrose Lodge?”
When Beck Developments put in their plans for housing around the Primrose Mill site they also said that they were committed to: “the restoration of the former Primrose Lodge and adjacent woodland to create new public amenity areas.”
Council officers tell me that Beck Developments have commissioned a variety of surveys including one on  water voles, one on otters and one on the arboriculture (although you don’t need to be expert to know that there is an abundance of wildlife in the lodge), and these along with landscape design proposals should be available soon.
Apparently they needed to be carried out on the site before any ideas on options for the site can be drawn up.
I am told that Beck Developments are well aware of the public interest in the site and are keen to see the site developed in consultation with the public.
As your local councillor we are determined that any consultation with the public should not just be a token effort by the developer, but should be real and meaningful giving local people a real say on how the lodge is restored – after all it is local residents who have the best understanding about what is good and bad about the lodge.
However, as with every opportunity (in this case the redevelopment of the lodge) comes a threat and we are extremely concerned about the possibility of  any  developer using the restoration as an opportunity to develop housing in the area that most people would assume to be part of the lodge or immediately adjacent to it.
Obviously there is still a long way to go in the restoration of the Lodge but I will keep you informed as things develop and if you hear anything please tell let me know.