Construction until 9pm slammed

Cllr. Allan Knox, leader of the Liberal Democrats on Ribble Valley Borough Council has slammed the announcement by Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Robert Jenrick, that in a bid to get the construction industry restarted, he will allow flexible working on sites, which means that construction could go on as late as 9pm in residential areas.

Cllr. Knox said: “It is important that as we come out of lockdown, industry starts to gets back on its feet.

“However, it seems outrageous that residents up and down the country, who have endured so much over the past 7 weeks, will now have to put up with the background drone of construction throughout their summer evenings.

“Previously, local councils set limits on when construction had to start and finish. Now, at the swipe of a pen a Tory minister in Whitehall has decided what he thinks is best for places like Clitheroe, Barrow, Langho and Whalley and has said that councils must implement his edict.

“Many people talk about the “new normal” and that after we come out of lockdown, being in a gentler, kinder, more community spirited world. However, if this ministerial edict is anything to go by, the future is very bleak.”

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