Bins, Buses, Trains and Supermarkets, Xmas Information

We’ve tried to put as much information on here about bin collections, bus and train times and supermarket opening hours over the holidays. We hope it is useful

Refuse Collections

Normal  Day Christmas Collection New Year Collection
Monday Sat 22 December Mon 31 January 2018
Tuesday Mon 24 December Wed 2 January 2019
Wednesday Thurs 27 December Thurs 3 January 2019
Thursday Fri 28 December Fri 4 January 2019
Friday Satur 29 December Sat 5 January 2019

Waste paper and cardboard will also be collected on the rearranged refuse collection dates, and don’t forget to recycle your Christmas wrap, cards and packaging.

Christmas trees can be chopped up and placed inside green bins, or if you are not on the green wheeled bin service tied up and left with burgundy bins or lilac sacks on green waste collection week. They can also be taken to the household waste recycling centre at Henthorn, Clitheroe.


Transdev can be found here
Preston Bus can be found here


Northern Rail can be found here
N.B. Trains are terminating at Salford Central as Manchester Victoria is closed during the holiday period.


Sainsbury’s can be found here
Tesco can be found here
Booths can be found here
Aldi can be found here
Lidl can be found here
Spar can be found here


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