Campaign to save Interchange Information Centre

Cllr. Allan Knox has been leading the campaign to keep Clitheroe Interchange Information Centre open. The closure move came as part of the latest round of cuts from Tory-run Lancashire County Council and was included as part of their budget.

Allan was first to highlight the issue when he brought it up at December’s Ribble Valley Council meeting and demanded that the council do all in its power to keep it open. He then followed this up in the New Year, by launching his petition to keep it open.

Cllr. Allan Knox said: “The Interchange is an essential part of the Ribble Valley public transport network.

“It is vital for the provision of information about buses and trains as well as the sales of tickets. Without that information residents will use buses and trains less and without the sales of tickets the Clitheroe line will be much less viable.

“We have recently seen figures, showing that Ribble Valley is one of the worst areas in the country for social mobility amongst young people. To combat this our young people need good access to education, training and jobs and to get to those they need buses and trains.

“Yet by closing the Interchange we make that access less likely and social mobility for Ribble Valley young people less likely.

“That is why I have launched a petition to save the Interchange Information centre.

“You can sign the petition by clicking the link here.”

4 thoughts on “Campaign to save Interchange Information Centre

  1. Jean Hewitt says:

    Thank goodness somebody is doing something positive for the Ribble Valley.

  2. Simon O’ says:

    People who travel to Whalley or Wilpshire can manage to get the train for free and sometimes Blackburn. If it’s closed this will happen to a lot people using the train. Some people might oh great but if the starts to see a fall in profit then they might decide to shut the line down again. That’s the last thing we need to happen.

  3. Corrinne black says:

    At least someone’s bothered about it thank you .

  4. David Walton says:

    At last somebody concerned about the Ribble Valley. Shame our MP is disinterested yet again. But then again there is nothing in it for him to promote himself in front of the media.

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