Corbyn has betrayed Labour voters by refusing to back single market amendment

The Liberal Democrats have accused Jeremy Corbyn of failing Labour voters who wanted a different approach to Brexit, after he imposed a three-line whip on his MPs to abstain on a cross-party amendment to keep the UK in the single market.

Only 49 Labour MPs voted for the amendment, fewer than a fifth, while the rest abstained.

In total 101 MPs voted for the amendment including all Liberal Democrat MPs, while 322 MPs voted against.

Cllr Allan Knox said:

“Millions of people who voted for Jeremy Corbyn were hoping for a new approach to Brexit.

“They will be feeling utterly betrayed tonight that he has yet again failed to oppose this government’s extreme Brexit agenda that will make us a poorer country

“On the most important issue of the day, Jeremy Corbyn ordered his MPs to sit on their hands.

“It’s not too late to stand up for the jobs, opportunities and lower prices that rely on our free trade with Europe.

“The Liberal Democrats will work other parties to get the best possible deal, which should be put to the British people so they can choose whether to accept it or stay in the EU.”

2 thoughts on “Corbyn has betrayed Labour voters by refusing to back single market amendment

  1. bob sayer says:

    and he has now sacked junior shadow ministers who defied him

  2. nigel hunter says:

    What Corbyn is doing should be shouted from the rooftops so that the voter knows what he stands for, which is not what they voted for . Getting rid of austerity is fine but not if decisions taken by Corbyn lead to it remaining.l .The Lib Ddems should be shouting his situation out in all media outlets.

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