Roundabout Shambles

I have sent out the following email to all who signed the online petition for the roundabout at the junction of the A59 and Pendle Road.

Dear friend,
Over the weekend I have received some bad news and I am fuming!
Work on the roundabout at the junction of Pendle Road and the A59 is not going to start until April 2018.
The reason for this would seem to be that they cannot go ahead because the mini-roundabout accessing the site has not been built yet.
The original plan was that the mini-roundabout was meant to be started in April this year, with the main roundabout starting in July.

However, it would appear that the mini roundabout is going ahead in July (a delay of 3 months) compared to a delay of 9 months (at least) for the major roundabout.
This would seem to the second time a Tory-run council has caved into the developers wishes and delayed the building of a roundabout at this accident blackspot.
First, Tory-run Ribble Valley Borough Council changed the goalposts and allowed 50 houses to be built before we got a roundabout.
Now, Tory-run Lancashire County Council, have taken their eye off the ball and not ensured that the developers kept up with the schedule, so that the roundabout could be built on time.
To me there are several questions that need to be answered:
1.) What caused the delay on the mini-roundabout?
2.) Why does the mini-roundabout need to be built first?
3.) Has the developer handed the money over to Lancashire County Council to pay for the main roundabout? (This was meant to be happening in March / April time)
4.) Why does a delay on one part of a project of 3 months lead to a delay of 9 months on a second part of the project?
I will let you know what answers / excuses I get?
Cllr Allan Knox

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