Cameron says May needs landslide to stop hard Brexit – Allan Knox responds

Responding to David Cameron’s suggestion that Theresa May needs a large majority “to stand up to people who want an extreme Brexit”, Liberal Democrat Allan Knox said:

“Saying Theresa May needs a landslide to stop an extreme Brexit is like saying a bank robber needs the keys to the safe to look after the cash.

“Nigel Farage told you everything you need to know about Theresa May’s Conservatives.

“On 7 May, Farage tweeted: ‘Theresa May is using the exact words and phrases I’ve been using for 20 years.’

“A Conservative landslide will be bad for jobs, the NHS and schools.

“But have hope. A better future is available. We will stand up to Theresa May’s cold, mean-spirited vision of Britain that will cost jobs and put up prices. We will stand up for your schools and hospitals.”

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