Former Ribble Valley Lib Dem MP Michael Carr Launches Allan Knox’s Campaign

Speaking at a meeting in Mellor Brook on Wednesday night (10/05/17) former Ribble Valley Lib Dem MP Michael Carr helped launch Allan Knox’s 2017 campaign to win the seat for the Lib Dems.
At the meeting Michael Carr said: “Allan has a proven record of success locally in the Ribble Valley and would make a fine MP.
“Since the advent of the EU and the single market; the nations of Europe have lived in peaceful and prosperous harmony. Where once our fathers and grandfathers were fighting two world wars within 30 years, we now have a continent at peace. Where once we had fascists running Spain, Portugal and Greece, and the communist dominated Eastern Europe; now we have a democratic continent, that has prospered especially since the introduction of the single market
“Put quite simply Theresa May’s hard Brexit, threatens all that.”
Allan Knox said: “There is no doubt that there is nothing that the Tory Brexit plans makes better. We will all be poorer due to not being in the single market. We will all be poorer because we will lose the positive income that the Exchequer receives from EU nationals. We will all be poorer because we will be living in an inward-looking country, not an outward one.”

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